Author Profile: Fletcher DeLancey, #QueerInSpace day 11

Fletcher DeLancey


Queer sci-fi/spec fic works

Chronicles of Alsea (As a planet, Alsea finds out they’re not alone in the universe just in time to be the center of an intergalactic conflict. These tell the stories of what happens next.)

    The Caphenon
    Without a Front: The Producer’s Challenge
    Without a Front: The Warrior’s Challenge
    Vellmar the Blade

Not sci-fi, but queer (and looks cute as heck)

Mac vs. PC

She also wrote a queer Star Trek: Voyager fanfic series that’s freely available on her website (Side note, I’ve never seen Voyager but now I want to and probably will very soon):

  1. Past Imperfect
  2. Present Tension
  3. Future Perfect
  4. No Return
  5. Forward Motion

Bio (Stolen from her website)

Once upon a time, Fletcher DeLancey had a thriving career in an Oregon marine biology lab, a beachfront home she adored, friends, family, and enough vacation time for fabulous wilderness hikes. Then she met a woman from Portugal and fell in love. So she did what any rational, science-minded person would do: she gave up her career, house, friends, and beloved home state, sold almost everything she owned, and moved across a continent and an ocean to a tiny foreign nation.

Most of her friends, who were also rational, science-minded people, said, “I wish you luck, but you’re insane.”

Fletcher said, “Possibly. But either I go, or I spend the rest of my life wondering what could have been.” And she boarded a plane.

Today, Fletcher lives in the beautiful Algarve region of Portugal with her wife and son, a gifted young man who does not share her DNA, but for whom she takes credit anyway. (Nature vs. nurture is a common discussion in the household.) She no longer wonders what could have been. She has taught Pilates to other expatriates for a decade, eaten a thousand regional delicacies, learned the Portuguese birds, plants, and seasonal changes, and fallen in love with her new home.

The Portuguese word saudades is one she has come to understand for its evocative meaning of “a pleasure you suffer, an ailment you enjoy.” Saudades is the never-ending, sweet pain of loving two places but only being able to live in one, loving many people but having to choose which ones you can be with, missing people or places you may never see again. It is the fate of many expatriates, and sometimes the price of love.

In her award-winning series Chronicles of Alsea, Fletcher channels her rational, science-oriented mind plus her intimate knowledge of saudades into a world where a culture of empaths break their most ancient stricture to protect their home. On Alsea, humans are the aliens—but aliens can also choose their homes, or make irrational decisions based on what they believe is right. The Chronicles of Alsea is an exploration of what happens when good people make bad decisions, when politicians have lofty ideals but must compromise to achieve them, and when love—as it so often does—both impairs and enables the course of history.

To learn more about saudades and hear the music it inspired, check out this NPR radio segment.


We’re giving away an e-book from the Chronicles of Alsea this week! You can enter on Twitter or Instagram.

Where to find her on social media

Websites: Fletcher has two websites! One is her personal website that’s a work-in-progress… it should be more officially live in early 2019, but for now you can use it to get to her Star Trek: Voyager novels. The other is dedicated to her Chronicles of Alsea series.


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