Author Profile: Barbara Ann Wright, #QueerInSpace day 18


Barbara Ann Wright

Barbara Ann Wright


Queer sci-fi/spec fic works

The Katya & Starbride Series (fantasy world with a queer princess and f/f romance and monsters… and the princess might also be part-monster)

  1. The Pyramid Waltz
  2. For Want of a Fiend
  3. A Kingdom Lost
  4. The Fiend Queen

Thrall: Beyond Gold and Glory (fantasy, as described by Alex Harrow: polyamorous lesbian vikings!)

Godfall Series (this sci-fi series deals with space-travelers who become gods and the people that believe in them… until they don’t)

  1. Paladins of the Storm Lord
  2. Widows of the Sun-Moon
  3. Children of the Healer

Coils (fantasy; a contemporary MC starts discovering a world of Greek mythology)

House of Fate (scifi story, lady 1 is a guard in love with her charge’s bride-to-be, lady 2 is said bride-to-be and is also secretly an assassin)

The Tattered Lands (fantasy+sci-fi in which queer ladies try to negotiate peace between their cultures)

Bio (Stolen from her website)

Barbara Ann Wright writes fantasy and science fiction novels and short stories when not adding to her enormous book collection or ranting on her blog. Her short fiction has appeared twice in Crossed Genres Magazine and once made Tangent Online’s recommended reading list. Her first novel, The Pyramid Waltz, was one of’s Reviewer’s Choice books of 2012 and was a 2012 Foreword Review Book of the Year Award Finalist as well as a Golden Crown Award finalist. It won the 2013 Rainbow Award for Best Lesbian Fantasy and made BookRiot’s 100 Must-Read Sci-Fi Fantasy Novels By Female Authors. Her third novel, A Kingdom Lost won the 2014 Rainbow Award for Best Lesbian Romantic Fantasy, and Thrall: Beyond Gold and Glory, won the 2016 Rainbow Award for Best Lesbian Fantasy Romance. Coils was a finalist in the 2017 Lambda Awards and won the 2017 Rainbow Award for Best Lesbian Paranormal and Fantasy Romance while House of Fate won the 2017 Rainbow Award for Best Lesbian Sci-Fi Futuristic.

She also has an army of pets.

Her writing career can be boiled down to two points: when her mother bought her a typewriter in the sixth grade and when she took second place in the Isaac Asimov Award for Undergraduate Excellence in Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing in 2004. One gave her the means to write and the other gave her the confidence to keep going. Believing in oneself, in her opinion, is the most important thing a person can do.

Visit her Bold Strokes page for more information.

Where to find her on social media






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