Author Profile: Taylor Brooke, #QueerInSpace day 23

Taylor Brooke


Queer sci-fi/spec fic works

 The Camellia Clock Cycle (a cop finds out his soulmate is the art thief he’s been trying to catch, m/m NA spec fic)

  1. Fortitude Smashed
  2. Curved Horizon

The Isolation Series (teens being trained for a supposedly post-apocalyptic world; polyamorous YA sci-fi)

  1. Omen Operation
  2. ECHO Campaign
  3. Legacy Strain

Other works

Coming in 2019

Shadows you Left (coauthored with Jude Sierra) (a m/m NA contemporary romance)

Bio in numbers (Stolen from their website)

1. I live in Oregon, the high desert to be exact. We’re known for our mountains and junipers and blue skies.

2. I’m non-binary, demisexual and panromantic, but holy shit, what a mouthful. Queer works just fine. They/she pronouns.

3. Speculative is my jam, but I also write fabulism and contemporary.

4. I’ll ramble about the occult for hours if you let me.

5. I eat dessert first.

6. You’ll never find Queer pain, Queer tragedy, or painful coming out narratives in any of my books.

7. I know a lot about tea and crystals.

8. Magic is everywhere, but I often hunt for it in libraries and indie bookstores.

9. I’m a certified special effects makeup artist. Yes, like Face Off.

10. I really, really love plants.


Keep an eye on my Twitter later today!

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Author: SeeOwlRead

They/She. I’m a queer reviewer and librarian.

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