2019 Reading and Blog Goals

Here’s some things I’d like to do in the coming year.

Weekly update posts: I’m going to try this for a little while instead of full end-of-the-month wrap-ups. Once a week, probably Friday, I’ll post what I’m currently reading and what I’ve finished since my last update. I’m hoping this will help me keep better notes for each book I read, specifically regarding content warnings and representation.

Favorites posts: At the end of each month, I’d like to list some things that made me happy in the month. Winx does something like this on her channel, and though it won’t be quite the same it’s a similar idea. It’ll be different every month… maybe it will be my favorite book that month, or a podcast I’m particularly into, or a food I just can’t stop craving. These end-of-the-month posts may also include some of my reading stats from the month. Or maybe those will get a post of their own. That’s a work in progress.

Templates: I want to make my regularly occurring posts more consistent. Therefore, I’m going to try using templates to write them. I’m also hoping the templates will encourage me to actually do regular posts… fingers crossed that not having to stare at an empty post will hello my motivation a little. That being said, does anyone know how to make templates on WordPress?

TBR jar: I’m doing my own take on the TBR jar. I’ve made a spreadsheet with all of my owned and unread physical books. I broke them into columns of twenty and I ended up having exactly 80 books! I also made a column for my unread Audible books, which means I’ve got five columns on this spreadsheet. Every month I’ll roll a d20 for each column and those five books will go on my TBR… my goal for the month will be to read at least one of them.

Finish incomplete 2018 reads (LateAThon): Destiny is doing the LateAThon through January, which is a reading challenge to catch up on late ARCs, books you meant to read last year, etc. I’m going to use the challenge to finish the books I started in 2019. Keep an eye on my January Plan for those!

And that’s it! What do you think of my 2019 goals? Are you trying any of these? Are there some you think I should try? Let me know in the comments.

Author: SeeOwlRead

They/She. I’m a queer reviewer and librarian.

3 thoughts on “2019 Reading and Blog Goals”

    1. I think you can duplicate posts when you’re using a web browser, which I might try to use. My issue is that I do most of my blogging from my phone, so if it isn’t in the app it’s more unlikely I’ll use it. 😂


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