February Wrap-Up and Stats

February had a lot of ups and downs for me. Some of it was correlated with unexpected travel, funerals, etc., but some was also just the way my brain decided to work this month. This post is going to be focusing on a lot of the good things… what can I say, stats make me happy. šŸ˜„


Books read: 13


Audiobooks: 9

Physical books: 2

E-books: 2


Borrowed: 3

Owned: 4

Other (Scribd or ALA ARCs): 6


2019 releases: 5


Star breakdown

5 stars: 5

4.5 stars: 1

4 stars: 4

3.5 stars: 2

2.5 stars: 1



less than 100 pages: 1

100-200 pages: 3

200-300 pages: 1

300-400 pages: 7

400-600 pages: 2

Reading challenges

I gave up on most of my readathon goals for the month, but you can check out my ContemporaryAThon wrap-up here!


Author/human being: Alex Harrow. Their debut came out this month and I loved being with them through that journey and honestly, they’re amazing and so is their book.

Books: A Duke By Default by Alyssa Cole and Empire of Light by Alex Harrow

Genre: Romance in general, but especially royal romance. Highlights from this month were A Duke By Default and Once Ghosted, Twice Shy by Alyssa Cole, Royals/Prince Charming by Rachel Hawkins, and Red, White, and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

Show: One Day at a Time!!

Video games: I just started Portal Knights and it very much seems like my jam.

People: Destiny gets me through the days. ā¤

Podcast: Books in the Freezer. I’m pretty sure that’s what I said last month too, but I’m not caught up on their backlog. It’s distinctly possible they’ll shop up next month too. ^_^

That’s my February in a wrap! How did your month go?

Author: SeeOwlRead

They/She. Iā€™m a queer reviewer and librarian.

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