Queer in Space readathon

Two things have happened in my life recently: I started having loads of fun with readathon challenges and I started craving queer sci-fi stories. I’ve gotten so many recommendations that I decided I would save them up and combine everything into a readathon of my own.

I’m calling it the Queer in Space readathon, based loosely on the Faux Book Box I curated with the same name. It will take place for the full month of December. The theme of this readathon is queer sci-fi and spec fic. There are no rules as to what fits in these categories… if you think it counts, it counts.


December 1-31, 2018

Bingo Board

Queer in Space.png

Featured Authors

Throughout the readathon we’re going to be featuring some authors that write queer sci-fi and spec fic. Here’s the list of folks who’ve agreed to be featured so far… if I’m missing your favorite author and you think I should reach out to them let me know!

  • Barbara Ann Wright, Paladins of the Storm Lord
  • F. T. Lukens, The Star Host
  • Mary Anne Mohanraj, The Stars Change
  • Alex Harrow, Empire of Light (2019)
  • Carrie Pack, In the Present Tense

I’m going to put together lots of ways for folks to participate, from a bingo board of challenges (above!) to rec lists and giveaways to a live show discussing a group book. For now, I’m still working out the details. Any new updates I have will be posted across my social media (mainly Twitter and Instagram, sometimes YouTube) as well as on this page.

If you have any ideas of ways this readathon could be fun for you, let me know!