Summer Sports: Faux Box June 2018

Hey folks. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you’ve heard me talk about the Faux Book Box: a monthly post in which I select a few bookish or otherwise awesome items all centered around a newly released queer book (probably often YA, since that’s a genre I read a lot of). I want to feature queer makers as much as possible, so if you think that might be you, let me know!

Without any further ado, let’s “unbox” this!

The theme for this month’s post is summer sports. I wonder what the book could be… 🧐 You’ll have to read to the end to find out!

And the first item is…

Ngozi Ukazu

Check, Please! Sticker pack


If you haven’t heard of the webcomic Check, Please! yet, then I have a treat for you. It follows Eric Bittle through his time on the Samwell college hockey team, including his various baking and romantic adventures. Eric and at least one other character are gay and by the end of year 2 there’s a pretty cute relationship happening. Comics for year 4 are currently being released here (and you can go read from the beginning here). The first volume of the print graphic novel comes out on September 18th and you can preorder it here!


Wood Slice Sports coasters


Hopefully your summer is full of lots of cool drinks, in which case these wooden coasters might come in very handy. You can get the variety pack pictured above or request a matching set. Each one is made to order, which also means customization is available. Plus, who wouldn’t want to support a shop with such an amazing punny name?


Sports bookmark


For our bookmark this month we have these metal sports-themed bookmarks. These are sold individually and you can choose any of the charms pictured above. I’m a fan of magnetic bookmarks myself, but to be honest I’ve never tried a metal bookmark like this one. I’ve seen quite a few lately and I really want to try them out. If you’re in the same boat and you’re into sports, check these out!

Novelly Yours

Book Rainbow candle


This gorgeous candle supports both the queer and summery aspects of this box. The sides of the candle are dyed in vertical stripes, so as you spin it you go through the rainbow. The scents are sunshine and rain, and though I’m not 100% sure what sunshine smells like, I imagine burning this candle will create a bright, summery atmosphere. Plus, it’s June, and who doesn’t love a good book rainbow during Pride month?

And finally…

Fizzy Fairy Apothocary

Ice cream cone bath bomb with strawberries and cream bubble bath whip


While ice cream might not play an integral role in the plot of this month’s book, there’s at least one or two scenes when it makes an appearance. What summer would be complete without frozen treats? What sports experience would be complete without washing off mud and sweat? What book box would be complete without a bath product? This two-in-one will give you at least one luxurious bath. Just don’t try to eat it before you throw it in.

And now that we’ve gone through all the items, it’s time to announce the book!

Running with Lions by Julian Winters

I have a full, spoiler-free review posted earlier on my blog if you want to hear all my happy thoughts about this book. The story follows Sebastian Hughes who’s worried about making captain of his soccer team, worried about going to college, and worried about maybe having feelings for his ex-best friend Emir. All his worries come together during the summer soccer camp before senior year, when he realizes Emir has joined the team. There are so many things I love about this book. There’s Muslim rep and a few different types of queer rep (Sebastian is bi, a few characters are gay, and a few more have an undefined generally-queer sexuality). There’s some awesome discussion about body image in guys. There’s SO MUCH trope-y goodness.

I think the thing I love most, though, is the care Interlude Press takes with their readers. With every book they put out that requires them they direct readers to their list of content warnings. Since the presence of specific content can ruin a book for someone, I am incredibly grateful to them for this gesture.

Find Running with Lions online here or at your local library.

And that’s it! That’s this month’s Faux Book Box. What did y’all think? What was your favorite item? Do you think you might get any yourselves?

As I said above, if you’re interested in having your shop featured please let me know on Instagram or Twitter! I’d love to find some queer makers/crafters/artists that I haven’t heard about before. If you’re a fan of the Faux Box idea, let me know what books/items you might like to see in future posts.

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They/She. I’m a queer reviewer and librarian.

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